What We Do

Take a look at what we offer below and how we can help you with your sustainability journey.

The NuGreen Approach

We help you manage, measure and reduce your scope 3 emissions.

Our approach provides data to support sustainable interventions that can be measured. We study the flow of materials through care pathways or work processes to optimise spaces for efficiency, improved segregation and sustainable best practice.

Our four stage approach has a key focus in healthcare for optimising spaces to support sustainable actions and behaviours. For example understanding what waste is currently being generated, how waste could be reduced or removed, improving the segregation of waste.

Having this baseline information allows you to make informed decisions about priority changes that could be made within care pathways and supply chains to develop more sustainable practices.

Our approach is designed to provide you with the data and knowledge needed to implement on going sustainable change within your organisation.



Stage 1: The NuGreen team carryout a granular waste audit, counting individual items within the waste stream and tracking trends and patterns in the data. We study the flow of materials that lead to waste creation and the linked activities and we arrange to engage with staff to ensure a thorough understanding of their activities through questionnaires/ interviews.

We take a sample of your waste over a time period and count each individual piece of waste. This allows us to create the most detailed and accurate data set.



Stage 2 is where our dedicated in house team analyse and interpret the data to create personalised dashboard for you and your team. We then work with you to understand areas of high, medium and low priority. 

Deciding where to focus when making scope 3 reductions is now a data driven approach generating priority based on the cost and carbon emissions within your personalised data set, all changes can now be monitored and tracked for continued improvement via the dashboard.



Stage 3 is where we have chosen our priorities based on the baseline data and we start to make project plans to make changes. We start to develop a sustainable cultural shift and mindset through staff education. Sustainable site optimisation interventions that cover all aspects of system change from providing specific refuse bins to labelling, posters and implementation plans are covered in this stage and are bespoke to your activities, budget, location and goals.




The 4th stage of the NuGreen approach sets you up for future success. In this final stage we revisit stage 1 in order to collect more data that can then be used to prove successful implementation of your sustainability strategies comparing stage 1 data to a second set of audit data.

This stage provides a tangible return on investment result, success measured in real-time and the subsequent cash and carbon savings over time based on our support. We ensure you have the tools necessary via the writing of a comprehensive report of the 4 stage approach, discussing findings, outcomes and next step recommendations. The dashboard can be updated annually by carrying out audits to ensure a continuous improvement.

We commit to investigating areas that do not show signs of improvement to ensure the correct interventions are being made and that there are no gaps in knowledge and education. 

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Research & Development

We are passionate about diverting healthcare waste from incineration and building a sustainable infrastructure and recycling systems to realise the value of materials for as long as possible. We are currently working on an Innovate UK knowledge transfer partnership working with Leeds Beckett University on waste to resource projects including blister packs and other clinical waste materials. Check out the press release here.

We are always looking for research partners. If you are looking for someone to undertake research on your behalf or have a problem that requires a solution then we can help.

Sustainability Training & Education

The NuGreen Education hub is designed to give you the best possible learning experience. We take you through

  • The fundamentals of sustainability,
  • How to develop a sustainable culture,
  • Supply chain resource management and optimised segregation,
  • ESG and much more.

We offer a bespoke training package where we work alongside you to provide training and educational materials that are specific to your business sector and your organisation.

Sustainability Consulting


Scope 3 Emissions

We can help you discover your scope 3 emissions, monitor them and help you to reduce them.



Life Cycle Analysis

Our team can produce an extensive life cycle analysis for your products and services.



Carbon Accounting & Reporting

We can help produce carbon accounting documents and assist with statutory reporting requirements.



Policy Writing and Application Assistance

We can guide your through writing your sustainability policies and the application process for various certifications such as BCorp.


Keynote Speaking

Sustainability is a hot topic that is becoming part of everyone's day to day lives. A sustainable business is not just about green procurement or offsetting carbon, a sustainable business must make a profit, maximise the useful life of the materials it uses and ensure its people are treated fairly.

Our speakers can entertain and educate on a number of topics such as The Circular Economy,

Sustainable Healthcare,

Sustainable Data Management,

Waste Utilisation

Implementing innovation and many more.